Medical Translations:

We, at Nomosfrasis, understand the complexity and demand of a medical translation, mostly due to the specialized terminology and the sensitive information it holds and conveys, and, thus, we are here to offer you our combined specialist services tailored to your needs.

We currently translate for many well-known international insurance companies – such is AXA Global Healthcare, Bupa, Cigna Global and more- and emergency assistant companies in the UK and Greece and we work with medical service providers, Greek law firms and insurance brokers.

Our services include:

  • Certified Certificates:

– Birth Certificates

– Marriage license / certificate

– Death certificates

– Family registries

– Passports / IDs

– Apostille

– Tax reports


  • Certified Medical Translations:

– Medical reports / documents

– Diagnostic lab tests / results

– X-Rays

– CT scans




– Histology reports

– Biopsies

– Gastroscopy – colonoscopy

– Surgery log

– Discharge report (Private Institutions / Public Hospitals)

– Stress test


– U/S


The cost is calculated per word (see pricelist below) or per page 35€ (VAT is included)